Import and Export

Exporting notes to Markdown

You can export all the notes in a collection to a zip file containing markdown files.

  1. Right-click the collection you want to export the notes for

  2. Select Export Collection...

3. The file will be downloaded to your computer as a zip file containing markdown files

4. Please inspect the contents of the zip file and verify that you have downloaded the notes as you would expect them. The markdown files can be inspected with any text editor.

Importing Markdown notes

You can import Markdown notes to Flowtelic, including exported notes from Flowtelic.

  1. Create a new collection or select an existing collection that you want to import the notes to

  2. Drag the markdown files into your collection notes list

If the notes don't appear after importing, please try refreshing your browser


I'm importing my notes but they don't appear

We've found issues for users who are importing their notes from a removable USB storage device. This is an operating system issue and not related to Flowtelic. If you are having this issue and are using a removable USB storage device, please try copying the files to your local computer first, and dragging the local copy into Flowtelic.

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