At the core of Flowtelic are your notes. These are your atomic ideas, study notes, projects—basically anything that you want to store in Flowtelic.

Notes are stored within a collection and can be linked together. Each note has a note type and a workflow state.

Creating notes

You can create notes by selected the + button within the app. Here you can select the note type to create and you will be presented with a blank note.

If you create a bi-directional link to a non-existent note from another note, when you click that link you will be given the option to create it. The title of the note will be auto-filled from the link text.

Note editing

The note editor is a markdown inspired exitor with rich formatting.


You can create a heading by starting a line with a # (followed by a space). This will create a Level 1 heading. You can add more hashes to increase the heading level (up to level 6). For example ###### will trigger a Level 6 heading.

You can link to other notes by pressing [[ and start typing the title of the note you want to link to. You can select the note and it will complete the link. To navigate to the note you can click on it. If the note doesn’t yet exist, you can type the full title of the note and close the link with a final ]].

Note properties panel

Select the kebab menu and this will open the note properties panel.

Note type

You can change the note type from the note properties panel.

Note workflow state

You can change the note properties menu.

Delete the note

You can delete the note from the note properties menu.

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